Website Redesign

I worked with Olson Marketing Group and Watson Creative to create a new flagship site for StarTrac fitness equipment.


StarTrac’s website was stuck in the 90s. It needed to be updated for mobile (badly) and to serve the needs of its primary users: people looking to spend 10s of thousands to redesign corporate gyms.


I used existing research done by StarTrac into their users to create a series of user scenarios and personas. From there, I was easily able to group content and task flows into a site architecture that would speak to StarTrac’s target audience. I created wireframes to group relevant content based on user tasks and expectations. The final product: a responsive, e-commerce style site that allows users to create and design gyms based on their industry and needs.

The Files

StarTrac Sitemap

StarTrac User Profiles & Task Flows

StarTrac Design

You can also view an alternate design direction we explored (in Axure) here