Redesign of A\\V

Redesign of the Merchandise Sorting System for Nike

I was brought in by Nike Assort\\Visual along with another senior-level UX designer to pair on a complete redesign of the Assort\\Visual platform. The previous iteration of the A\\V platform, its v2, was designed without consulting users to determine their needs and was such a poor experience that users had reverted to the previous version in protest. The A\\V team brought in a UX Researcher to consult with SMEs in workshops where they observed how their users sorted products for distribution. The UX Researcher was able to make recommendations, but the team realized they needed a designer to take those recommendations to create the viable product.
We combed through hours of research footage and mapped out a list of user stories from our findings. We used those as our north star as we rapidly drafted wireframes for the various site architecture possibilities. We created wireframes and prototypes to test and refine our assumptions and observations with SMEs until we arrived at the final product.
Please feel free to contact me for examples of work for this project.