Companion App

Companion App for SmartHome IoT Prototype


The Magic Carpet project needed a companion app to allow users to manage users and usage, download new games, track progress, and set up the rug (OOBE).


This Invision walkthrough shows the OOBE (out of box experience) for setting up your Magic Carpet. Once the carpet is set up, a mobile device is not necessary for playing or selecting games (though helpful!)

The companion app is used by parents, caregivers, or administrators to manage and track usage of the rug. They can also track progress towards learning benchmarks and milestones (such as mastering basic counting or scales). The app can be used to set up and select games, though the carpet was created to be a screen-free interactive device, so game settings can also be accessed by stepping on the rug.


While all app experiences should be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, we knew that our target audience included grandparents, day care administrators, or others less familiar with apps. We needed an interface that was highly forgiving for user error and ‘fat fingering’, and anticipated use in busy environments.


Walkthrough on Invision