Beaverton Schools

Website Redesign

The Beaverton School District hired Weinstein PR to promote their new learning initiative of the four pillars of learning. As part of this project, I was brought on board to redesign their outdated architecture and apply their new assets.¬†As with many school websites, the BSD’s site had suffered from a dartboard approach to site structure. It was clear that they needed a logical plan for how to organize current content and provide a roadmap for adding content in the future. Their site would also need to be brought up to modern accessibility and usability standards and pare down the visual clutter.

Our first step involved defining and ranking the site’s primary audiences, then generating an approach that presented information easily to those audiences. I developed a streamlined sitemap and wireframes focused on the ready presentation of topical content, with easy access to additional information should it be searched for. The site design focused on content over imagery, with plenty of breathing room for articles and other hefty documents. In each step along the way, I incorporated my knowledge of typography, information design and presentation to give the BSD a site that is approachable and a joy to use.

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